What if I Don’t Wish To Serve as Guardian?

If, initially, or after some idea, you’re not comfortable with serving, you must speak up and nicely say, “No, thank you.” Some clients feel comfy saying, “It’s just not a good fit,” while stressing that they want to play a substantial role in the kids’s lives, however not act as guardian.
Too often times, people are honored and excited about being picked and they forget to show upon the realities and their feelings. Take time, considerable time, to believe it through. You can enjoy children, do nice things for them, however not need to raise them. And, it’s much better to say so in advance than to either decrease when the time comes or accept the children into your home and not be able to handle it.

If you decline later or have a nervous breakdown since of the chaos and obligation of raising someone else’s children, the children will need to alter homes again. If a follower guardian has not been named 2 regrettable situations typically occur.
The first situation is when nobody steps up to take the children This often happens if the children are teenagers or sufficient money hasn’t been left for their care. The second situation is when family members fight over who gets the kids. This sometimes occurs often when substantial money has actually been delegated care for the children.

If you don’t feel 100% that you must function as guardian, do not do it. Encourage your liked ones to select someone who is a better fit and to call a successor guardian. Life modifications as it unfolds.

Written by Shirley Allen