Amy Winehouse Legacy: Probate Records Examined

There was speculation regarding the Amy Winehouse estate soon after she died last summer. Sources were stating that they had reason to think that the troubled vocalist had taken the time to put a strong estate plan in location after she got divorced from her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

As it ends up, according to probate records tips that she had a last Will in location are ending up being untrue. Forbes has released an article that mentions probate records indicating that Amy Winehouse died intestate or without a Will.
People sometimes wonder what occurs to your resources if you do die without leaving behind your last desires. The way that it works is that intestacy guidelines of succession are used to identify who is the successor to the estate.

Your partner would be considered to be your closest relative followed by your kids. Considering that Amy Winehouse was not married and she was childless her moms and dads were next in line so they wound up being the successors to her estate, which was worth $4.66 million after taxes and final expenditures were paid.
There is no reason to leave things up to the courts. Executing the appropriate estate planning files can be carried out in a reasonably fast and effective way with the proper guidance. To be certain that your dreams are brought out in case of your passing, take the accountable step and schedule an assessment with a licensed and experienced Central New Jersey estate planning lawyer.

Written by Shirley Allen